Our Mission

Shalom Y’all Peace Project:

Objectives and background:

Pigs are the second most self aware and intelligent land mammals on the planet earth, and yet they are the most disregarded and exploited creatures despite being such a successful species. Not sure how they ended up on our menu, because they’re actually eerily similar to humans. Especially in how they process emotions. Especially in how they process trauma. They have the emotional and intellectual capacity of a small child. And like most humans who have been put through the ringer, it takes work to make them feel whole again; to develop trust. I find myself relating to my rescues more and more as I spend each day with them. All I need is the bare necessities. Shelter, food, and compassion. That’s where SY peace project comes in. There are so many displaced agricultural, research, and domestic pigs in the United States. And before we get into it, this isn’t a guilt trip to get you to quit bacon. I get it. It’s great on most food items. But just like every person in this life, those pigs have purpose. At least they’d have a chance here. And it could be to help someone else who feels they’ve lost theirs. From displaced and exploited youth, to survivors of abuse and trafficking, to those who have simply just lost their way in life. SYPP aims to bring peace to pigs and other displaced livestock, as well as prosperity and a new start to those in need; to learn what it is to nurture and get back what you give.