Giving back!

We like to open as many doors as we can to get donations for our animals, but also others in our community who may be on hard times. If we are able to access food for people or animals that would other wise go to waste, we can use it for our residents, and just as importantly...give back.

SO many animals end up in the shelter because of owners falling on hard times and not being able to keep enough money in their pockets to feed their families, this includes their pets!

If we can help a soul in need feed their animals, thats one less pet in the shelter, frightened and missing their family

Helping more than just animals! Waste nothing, DO something!

We do not always have a steady stream of donations for people, but when we do we are able to feed so many and avoid the destruction of animal lives in the process. One great thing about rerouting goods from pantries and stores is less animals having to suffer, just to be discarded into the trash. Especially, when there are so many hungry people in this world. We need volunteers to spread our message, our network! Please feel free to email us with any ideas!