Sponsorship Program

We have several residents here who have special needs medically. Being a part of the SYPP community, you can help keep these guys ahead of the curve and assist us in making sure they receive the best of care!

With being involved so closely we consider you Mishpucha. Mishpucha always get special perks! Sponsors will get correspondence, videos, and the one on one scoop on their sponsored resident and more!

Pictured above is our most Senior pig, Grandpa P! He is estimated to be around 16 years old! Being up there in age, he is prone to frequent checkups and upper respiratory infections from his previous life. Follow us on TikTok for his full story!


Here's a special girl named Miso aka Mimi!

Miso was left to die in a field after delivering dead offspring too large for her fragile body. After being alone, unable to move, (paralyzed from her traumatic days long birth), without food and water for days... I called my very pregnant (and amazing) vet to meet me in the middle of the night to save this girls life.

She was suffering from salt toxicity from the lack of water, had a paralytic ileus, and of course could not move.

we were able to correct her other issues! As for the paralysis? A tincture of time was the prescription given.

If you follow us on our social media you can get a glimpse of this girls progress! She needs a sponsor! She is ready for her spay! Can you help her?

Miso the Miracle Girl!